The Right Place at the Right Time

will chubb sonoma county photography

Sunrise on the Pond

The light is everything. The right light can mask a variety of unpleasant things. Cropping out telephone lines and old tires can also help.
This scene is off to the side of Guerneville Road in Santa Rosa, California, towards Sebastopol. Ordinarily it’s very uninviting to see, with the garbage and old tires spread along its banks.

 sonoma county photographer

Without the Magical Light

BUT, given the right light it can be magic. (We all look better in the right light!) It had rained the night before and it was expected to be clear the next day. This combination can make for some extraordinary sights. I’m usually out in nature with my camera at times like this, because as the sun comes up it causes steam to rise over moist land or bodies of water forming low laying fog. This morning I was treated to this magnificent scene.

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