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Photography Is A Passion

Welcome to Behind The Scenes where I will share some of the technical aspects of how I create unique pictures that evoke an emotion to excite, sway or sell an idea, thought or product.

We will look at lighting schemes and how they affect images along with composing composite images to create seamless, integrated photographs. You can add comments and ask questions and get a sneak peak behind the scenes.

Cheers, Will

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  1. Jean Welch
    Jean Welch says:

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your photo of the Round Barn and grape vine.
    They both mean a little to me personally. A friend that was an artist (deceased now) painted the barn many times. I wish I had one of them. My brother’s birthday was August 11, and I noticed the date you had on the grapes. Both are lovely pictures. I’d like to down load them if possible. Thanks for taking these two especially.

    Jean Welch


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